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ë is a new project of anya orel and e. a moscow-berlin couple PLUS THEIR OLD FRIEND AMOEBA.

anya orel: born 1984, moscow, painting every day since she was a child; streetart since 2011; fashion designer since 2010

e: born 1975, eastberlin, postpunk, graffiti, graphics, techno; streetartist & upcycle maniac; e-gruppe (founded 1995); vjing since 2002

 amoeba: a UK based motion, direction and designer, working within advertising, media, film, broadcast, digital installations and print in the UK, USA, Europe and Russia. rgb+cmyk. Print and Screen Art direction and full digital campaigns incl: motion design, broadcast design, EPK's, viral campaigns, record sleeves, brand ID, tour spots, site specific installations, music videos, tour visuals, title design, re-branding, launch styling and visual music production.

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